Sunday, September 30, 2007

Precious Moments

Today is Price's 14 month birthday and also my dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Day, DAD!). We went to Camden after church to have lunch with my dad's family to celebrate and then we drove to Chapin to see my Oma! We stayed pretty busy all day so there wasn't much time for Price to get a nap in. (Normally I don't do this because it causes meltdowns for absolutely no reason but today we had no choice!) Anyway, needless to say that when we finally got home he could barely hold his head up. After I bathed him, I decided to see if he would let me rock him to sleep. (Those are the precious moments in life that I miss because he is way too busy to let me hold him for any period of time anymore!) As soon as I sat down he put his arms around my neck and squeezed and rested his head on my chest. He played with my hair and clothes for a bit before looking up at me, kissing me and putting his head right back down. It was almost like he was thanking me for holding him and rocking him. I immediately teared up because these are the moments that I live for. These precious moments make being a parent the most rewarding job on earth!

While I was sitting there holding him I was thinking of my grandfather....wondering what he would have thought about Price.....wishing he could have met him.

I am so thankful that I had my grandfather in my life for so long and I can only hope to be as influential in Price's life as he was in mine!!

Happy 14 Month Birthday Price!! You are such a BLESSING!!

What a service!!

This morning we had a great speaker come and speak at our church. His name was Joe White and he did a phenomenal job. It was one of the most convicting services I have witnessed and I hope that some of you would take the time to watch it as well. It was a pretty long service but well worth it!! You can view the Worshipcast if anyone has time!

I would like to summarize but I am afraid I can't even do this service justice!! It was Greek Day at our Church and at first I thought that this was a really intense way to reach out to them but it didn't take long for me to realize that they were reaching out to them in a way that maybe no one else could!! Oh, and Barack Obama just so happened join our service today too. Josh was on Deacon Duty and sat right in front of him. If only I had taken my camera I'd have had a great picture to add to my blog! :) (I am republican but hey....)

The Ladies Man

Price is definitly the "Ladies Man" around all my friends because they all have GIRLS!! (We really need to get him some more guy friends before he starts playing with the Barbie Dolls!) Anyway, Saturday Price enjoyed playing with Sallie and Mary Grace. Here are some pics of the 3 of them at Betsy's! He was lovin' every minute!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Price is ALL BOY!!!

They are building a lot of new houses in my neighborhood so there are always big trucks coming up and down the street. The other day they parked a big bulldozer (or something big and yellow........not sure it was a bulldozer)right in front of our house. Price was in the dining room looking out the window for 15 minutes watching that thing. I was amazed, seeing as how he can't sit in front of the tv for 15 seconds and watch anything....
Next time I need to get something done while he is up, I'll just call up the Catapillar dealership and see if they can park one of their big items on my front lawn! :)

Price has also started going in his diaper bags because he knows I keep snacks in there for him. Yesterday at storytime I hid his bag so that he wouldn't be begging for food the entire time and since he couldn't find his bag, he decided to go to everyone elses bag for some food. I was so embarrassed because of course, when I told him "NO" there was a throwdown! If the two's are terrible then what are the one's?

Price just also learned how to sign please. He actually does it by rubbing his belly but hey, that's close right?
He also learned how to throw things away. When I am giving him his teddy grahams, goldfish or little marshmellows he knows that when they are "All Gone" he throws the bag in the trash. Well, little did I realize that he assumes this is true for everything being "All Gone", including his milk or water in his sippy cup. I had been wondering where all his sippy cups were going...........NOW I KNOW!! :)
You just gotta laugh, right?!?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ed's Homecoming Party & CHS c/o 97 Reunion!

Saturday night, Cate and her family threw Ed a wonderful Homecoming party since he is fresh back in the US from his duty in Iraq! We had a great time and everything was so nice. I know that Rhetta and Ed appreciated everything so much!! Thanks Cate & Family - What a great party!!
After the party I talked Ed & Rhetta into going out for an even later night.........they talked Jay & Katie into it and we were off!
Camden High School c/o 97 was having thier HS reunion that night and so we decided to join them in their fun night out. We had a great time and even saw a few old friends!!
Be assured that the next day I wished I had gone home like the smart folks did!! I know why I don't go out anymore but I guess it was fun while it lasted.....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome Home, Erin!!


Kellie, Me & Erin

One of my best friends, Erin, came back into town this weekend, from California, for her high school reunion, and she so graciously fit me into her busy schedule! :)
Erin has the ability to make me laugh so hard I cry and I loved spending the afternoon with her today! Erin, thanks for all the good times!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Old McDonald had a Farm...

Price loves singing Old McDonald and always sings EIEIO at the right times. This seems to be our riding in the car song or our diaper changing song because those are the only 2 times he actually does it when he is suppose to! This morning, on our way to preschool, I caught him in the car with my camera! I wish I could turn it the right way but I am new at this video thing!He can actually do it better then this but the camera was distracting and this was our third take!! I'll take what I can get!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Beautiful day for the zoo

Today Price and I went with some friends to the zoo. It was a perfect day to go....not too hot with the perfect breeze! Price loved the penguins the most!! However, he did NOT like the carousel. I tried to put him on a koala bear that went up and down and he was having no part of that. I finally went and sat down in one of the seats and he was much better! I love that Price is starting to enjoy more activities with me. He is so much fun! I am also proud to say that story time at the library went smoothly today!! No tantrums at all!! :)

Halee, Bella Grace, Mily & Price
watching the penguins swim!

Bella Grace & Price on their first carousel ride

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Price & Mary Grace

Last night Josh & I had a funeral to go to and so Betsy & Kris kept Price for us.
Price had so much fun with his best friend, Mary Grace!! Betsy got some great pictures and I just had to share!!
B&K - Thank you so much for being such great friends. We are blessed to have you both in our lives!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

What Great Weather!!

On Saturday Betsy and I took Price and Mary Grace to the My Gym in Lexington. Mary Grace went for Mily's birthday but Price was sick so he missed out. He LOVED it! There was so much to do and he enjoyed every minute. We are probably going to enroll and go every Saturday morning while daddy is working in the yard. YAY!
We also went to the Tot Trade and got lots of good deals.
Saturday Night we watched the game with some friends and Price got to dress in his Gamecock attire. (The pants were too hot so they didn't last long...)
Sunday after church Price went to his Meme's and got to play with his cousin's Hunter and Taylor. He was worn out last night. Another Great Weekend....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This morning storytime at the library was canceled, which was actually a good thing concidering the tantrum that he threw last week while we were there over puzzle pieces........ Oh, did I forget to mention that last week? Well maybe that is because I want you all to think my child is beyond perfect....But for those of us who play together, the truth is already known!! We also have an unofficial playdate usually once a week with a small moms group. It consists of 5 moms & 6 children (one mom has twins) all born within a month of Price's birthday. They always play together very well. Price is definitly the destructive one in the group but they seem to be understanding....
Price decided that his favorite thing of the day would be a pink beaded necklace. He kept wanting to wear it around his neck and so I let him (Wouldn't his daddy be proud??). Hopefully that won't cause any long term damage.
Here are some pictures of our playgroup today at Michelle & Andrew's house. We had a great time!

All the kiddies playing

Price loved the new toys

Mily & Price

Price & his necklace

He had to carry it around everywhere!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Price went to pre-school this morning for the first time without crying. I was very thankful to leave there without having to hear his screams of desperation all the way down the hallway... He just walked in and started playing.... Thank you, Jesus! I hate him thinking his mommy is leaving him upset! Let's hope he doesn't get sick again this week! :)
Yesterday we (Price & I) got the pleasure of having lunch with Kellie, Angie and her son, Brady at Lugoff House of Pizza. It's my fav!!
And since I haven't mentioned this before on my blog..........CONGRATS to Kellie for being preggers with a BABY GIRL!! She has 2 sons so she was dreaming of pink!!

Angie & Brady

Kellie not wanting her pic taken!

Pricey J doing what he does best.....eating! :)

Happy Bithday, Joshua!!

My wonderful, super, terrific husband's birthday is today! He is 28!! He is the best husband and father anyone could ask for and I am so blessed to be married to him!! Happy Birthday Josh!!
Since he has a softball game tonight, we will be celebrating tomorrow night at San Jose!! YUM!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The REAL reason...

Some of you have informed me of how impressed you are with my keeping up with my blog so well and it makes me feel so proud, but..........truth is........I have nothing better to do! :)
I am a SAHM of a semi-toddler who doesn't get to brag about her babe at work so I do it on the web!! Plus, makes me feel better........almost like I'm not bragging at all.
Plus, my husband works long hours and sometimes there is no one home for me to talk to. (I like talking and when there is no one to talk too....well... you know....) I also love reading blogs. I have even begun (would that be the correct word? begun?) reading blogs of people whom I don't even know.
Today I am blogging because I am working and bored out of my mind! I am still PRN at the hospital and someone's poor grandmother died so they called me desperate to find someone here to work the front desk doing absolutely nothing all day........I kindly volunteered.
I hate missing church, but Price & Josh went so we arn't all heathens.
Anyway, as I was checking out blogs, I found this one blog that is particularly interesting.
Please note that I do not, in any way, agree with the content on her webpage. I simply finding it amusing! Just thought if any of you were ever bored out of your mind and needed something to do......well, this just might fill that void!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thanks Grammy & Papaw

My mom and stepdad just got back from Florida and brought Price back some Mickey Mouse ears and a Disney World t-shirt. Price enjoyed wearing the ears for a brief couple of minutes then he wanted everyone else to wear them! The shirt is way too big but still presh! We can't wait to go next year with them!!

A Great Birthday

Me, Em, Frankie & Bets

The birthday girl enjoying her cake!!

Thanks to my wonderful husband staying home and watching Price, I was able to celebrate Emilie's birthday with her. We had a great time and I look forward to sharing many more birthdays together!! :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, Emilie & Misty & update on Price

Well the doctor FINALLY called me back this morning to tell me his culture was negative for strep and just to "wait it out". I am so sick of hearing that...Why do I even go to the doctor? I never get answers.....UGH!!

On a happy note.......Today is our good friend Emilie's birthday and we were suppose to go to dinner at the Bistro to celebrate but I am not sure if we are going to make it since Price isn't at his best. I guess we'll wait and see what happens. Either way, I hope you have a great day Emilie!!

It is also Misty's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTY!! I hope you have a fabulous day and I hope Jackson & Tradd give you lots of love!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Doctor update

Dr. Dodds thinks that Price has strep but he tested negative for his rapid strep test and so they took a culture and are going to call me back tomorrow and let me know if that is positive. (I don't understand a bit of that but I trust him....)
Even after motrin his fever is still 101.2. I hope he feels better tomorrow.
And Dr. Dodds also said that no matter when he started school this would happen and better now then later so that made me feel much better.
Thanks for everyones well wishes.

Mommy Guilt

Okay, certainly I am not the only one who feels this way but it seems that lately I feel guilty for every decision I make regarding Price......
I take him to preschool - he gets sick the first day. I take him to the doctor and let him tell me it's the croup caused by his reflux when really I didn't agree....but I didn't say anything......
He goes back to school Tuesday and GUESS WHAT??? He's sick again! This time with projectile vomiting. He won't eat, he just wants to be held and sleep. I have another doctors appointment at 3:20 today so hopefully we can get him better soon.
I guess I am just feeling guilty because this preschool thing is really more for me then means that I get 3 hours, 2 days a week to clean, grocery shop, make appointments or just have an early lunch with friends. It means more to me then him. I am struggling with taking him out of the program but is that the right thing to do??
All this leads to me feeling bad about not breast feeding longer because maybe if I had breast fed longer then maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't be getting so sick. For those of you who don't already know this......Price wouldn't latch on. He was taken away from me as soon as he was born because he had low respirations and his heart rate was high and wasn't brought back to me until 9 hours later. He wouldn't latch on at all and pumping and breast feeding are just not the same. I pumped for 3.5 weeks (while still having to give him formula because he ate a lot!) and then thought I would lose my mind and quit. Now, I find myself feeling guilty about that decision I made over a year ago.
I am sure this is the beginning of a long line of mommy guilt, but I just had to vent!!
This parenting thing is hard, but I still love every minute of it.........even now as I smell the faint scent of vomit somewhere on my shirt mingled in with the matching snot stains Price left me!! I LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My smart little feller.....

Today Price finally figured out the sign for more. He has been using it all day. We went and visited our friends, Jackson and Tradd, and they knew their signs so well so I went straight home and really worked on them and he finally picked it up. I guess it's because we do that one so much during the day....more food, more juice, more milk..... I have been trying for quite sometime and today he just got it!! ( I think I saw the light bulb go on!) We even went to dinner with the Mitchells and he was still wanting more enchiladas!! YAY!!
(Now we'll be working on please and thank you!)

So far he can say: mama, daddy, ahmn (which is amen but he leaves out the vowels), tank too (thank you), uh ohh, dog, pup, totie dog (sophie dog), hey, huh? (I hate that he learned that one......but I am sure I taught it to him), bye, tiss (kiss), e - i - e- i -o (thanks to Ome singing Old Macdonald) and ba (bath).

He is now also starting to understand what I am saying. When I say let's take a bath he heads straight for the tub and holds his arms up for me to undress him. When I need to change his diaper he heads straight to his room. If I say bye bye he goes to the door. I love it!! He also loves to blow kisses.
I am so proud of my little fellow. He is the sweetest thing!!
Oh, and he is now up to 4 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom. When he was at Sunday School this past Sunday, he got bit by one of his buds and the teeth marks are still on his arm along with a bruise. I am sure one day soon Price will be returning the favor. :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Price on the Farm

Price stayed with his Ome & Grandaddy (my stepmom and dad) last night and she brought him back tonight and let me download these pictures of Price on the farm. They were too cute so I had to post them!! The 1st 2 are Price feeding the new calf and the last 3 are him with my dad picking and eating muscadines. He loves them! My dad says he's gonna be a farmer one day........I guess we'll see!!

Great Movie...

We had a pretty lazy weekend, which was very nice. We had some friends over for the Carolina Game but I got no pics of Pricey J because he was in bed before the game ever came on. He didn't take his regular 3 hour nap with his daddy watching him so he was ready to hit the bed quite early. Yesterday we had a cookout at some of Josh's close family friends and Price stayed with his Ome & Grandaddy last night so we slept in this morning. We also just watched "Facing the Giants". We don't really get to watch many movies with Price here so we decided to relax and take advantage of our lazy day. It was by FAR one of the best movies I have ever seen. I strongly advise everyone to watch it if you haven't seen it. Ladies, don't forget your tissue.....
It really made me realize that there isn't anything impossible with God in your life.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Congratulations Angie & Frank

One of my best friends, Angie Branton, called me yesterday to inform me that there is a Baby Branton on the way. I am so excited!! Congrats Angie & Frank! You are both going to make GREAT parents!! (I bet Frank already bought that baby some camo! :))

And, Also.........GO COCKS!!!