Friday, April 29, 2011

Brotherly Banter

In hopes to speed the car loading process, I have been telling the boys to race and see who can get in their carseat and buckle up first.
Today they run to the car, rush in and, of course, Price wins. (In O's defense he has way more buckles to handle)
So,Price screams "I WIN!!" And then Owen screams "I WIN!!" to which Price says "You didn't win, your the Loser!" I said "No, Price, Owen just wins second!" to which he replies, "Owen, winning second means your the first loser!"

Price is his Fathers child!

Our Easter

We had a GREAT time celebrating Easter! Price and Owen are now master Easter Egg Hunters!

Our first celebrations were at thier preschool parties. It's hard for me because both of their parties were on the same day but I tried to spend a little time in each classroom. I think they had a great time.

Then my wonderful friend, Traci, always throws a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt and she knows the Easter Bunny personally, so he always drops by to visit with the kids. Price & Owen absolutly LOVED the Egg Hunt. THANKS TRACI!

Then Jackson Family had an Easter Egg Hunt but it was raining so it ended up being done in the gym. They definitly had a great time finding all the goodies and spending time with their cousins, aunts, uncles, grands and great-grands.

Then it was time for the Easter Bunny to come and visit us and he left some GOODIES!! Afterwards we went to Church to celebrate the real meaning of Easter, JESUS CHRIST!!

After Church we went to the zoo for their Easter Brunch. That has become our Easter Tradition with Gigi and Papaw and it's always WONDERFUL! I got to snap a few cute shots of them while I was there too!

Price had been counting down the days till Easter. Everyday he would ask me "How many more days until Easter, Mom?"
Now our next big adventure is when we go to the beach for a week in June! The countdown has already begun!

Guess who's POTTY TRAINED?


Saturday, April 23, 2011


Six wonderful years ago, TODAY, I married the greatest man I know!! It's amazing that he is the one I ended up with because we are almost different in every. single. way!

I spend money - he saves.

I love to go out - he loves to stay at home.

He's always early - I like to be fashionably late.

I love crowds - he doesn't!

He's responsible - I'm less responsible :)

He's smart - I'm fun.

(I'm smart and he's fun too, it's just that I'm less smart then him and he's less fun then me.......although I'm not sure he'd agree on that last one!)

He's high strung - and I'm easy going!

(Actually that one is questionable - there are times when I'm the high strung one and he's easy going! Thank Goodness we usually aren't high strung at the same time!)

All those things are what makes us so special! We blend well together.

He takes care of me and I love that about him. I need to be taken care of.

I know the Lord put us together because he is just what I needed. And I believe I am just what he needed as well.

Happy Anny to my ONE & ONLY!

I love you, Joshua Eugene Jackson!!!