Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Big Helper

Recently Price has really developed a real bond with Owen. When he wakes up in the morning, he wants to go straight to Owen's room. He opens the door and happily yells, "Good Mornin' Owie!" If Owen isn't already awake, that usually does the trick!
He also is starting to play with Owen. He gives him a few cars and sometimes trades them out telling him how to roll them and doing the "vroom, vroom" sound. He also likes to tell him what everything is, "Dis is Wightenen McQueen, Owie. He's a Wed Car!"
And they are always laughing together...... Most of the time I'm not sure what they are laughing at but their laughs are contagious to each other and even though I don't get it, I love it!
Price also only wants to take baths with Owen now and loves being with his little brother! It melts my heart how awesome they are together already.

Price also loves feeding Owen cheerios and fruit puffs and today asked if he could feed him his baby food. Since he has been so good with his little brother, I joyfully obliged.

Owen's wondering what is going on...

I think it's so cute that Price has to open his mouth to feed Owen!

See, Everyone is happy!

Good Job Price!!

Prayers for Hannah

Hannah got put in NICU last night because they fear she may have an infection due to her white blood count being high and her temp being low. Please pray for Hannah, Benjy and Emilie!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hannah has arrived!!

My dear friend Emilie had her precious little girl, Hannah Elizabeth, this morning at 7:41am weighing in at 8lbs 5oz. and 21.5 inches long! Two hours after her arrival, Betsy and I went to the hospital to welcome her to the world! She is just beautiful!! Benjy & Em, You guys did a great job! Thanks for adding a new addition to our playgroup!! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Splish, Splash

Price & Owens first bath together!! They had so much fun splashing in the tub with each other! Just the first of many more fun times together!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Baseball Game

Josh & I took the boys to their very first Carolina Baseball Game courtesy of the Lindler Family! Thanks so much Kevin & Ashley, for giving us your tickets! We had such a great time and Price LOVED it! It was a 7pm game so I was worried it would be too late for him, but he did so good! I was very proud! He loved watching the baseball players and one nice man even gave him a foul ball to remember his very first game! One day I hope he'll be wearing his very own garnet and black baseball uniform!! :)

Price walking in!

P & MG bouncing in the Gamecock Bouncer

Eatting his corndog! (I know it's not a great pic but I had Owen so taking pictures wasn't so easy!)

An attempt at a family pic!

Me & Owen

Price & Josh before we left the game!

Monday, March 2, 2009

More Dresses

Have I vacuumed my carpets, mopped my floors, dusted my house, done laundry or cleaned the bathrooms in the past week? NOPE!!

But I HAVE made 4 dresses, gone to 4 birthday parties and 2 showers, 1 supper club and made an Italian cream cake all in one week! That has to count for something, right!?!

Luckily, my husband doesn't mind the mess. He likes that I have a new hobby that I enjoy doing.....and it doesn't cost much at all!

I made 2 more pillowcase dresses last week, and then moved on to my first A-line.

I did this one thinking that those patterns would look good together but it looks too busy, I should have done a solid at the bottom.........I guess you learn as you go.
Then I made this smaller version of the first dress I made. I used the leftover fabric. That means that I can make 2 dresses, one size 3 and one size 1, for $5.00 (If you go to Hobby Lobby for your fabric, anyway!)
Here are the dresses together. Cute huh?

Since the pillowcase dresses turned out so good, I went to creative sewing and got an A-line Pattern and did this dress. It's actually reversible, but I used a thin broadcloth for the reverse side and you can see thru it. I'll have to get a thicker fabric for next time.

I must catch up my house this week but hopefully I'll have time for some more dresses. I have already bought so much cute fabric!!
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