Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have 2 big Congratulations to give out!!

First one, Dear, Dear Friend and college roommate, got engaged on June 6th. I had to wait until she notified the crew before I was able to post anything about it so FINALLY........CONGRATS STEPH!! I can't wait to be a special part of your planning and your beautiful day!!

AND RHETTA!! CONGRATS on finding out your having a little blue blessing!! You are going to be a FABULOUS MOM to John Hampton!! Hopefully Price, Owen and Hampton will be the best of friends......Let's just pray they don't get into all the trouble we did! (That may be the reason the Lord gave us boys instead of girls!:))

I am so blessed to be a part of each of your special milestones. The Lord has truley blessed me with great friends!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A week at the Beach

We just got back from a great week at the beach. Price is fearless when it comes to the water and did great in the ocean and pool. He can tread water and loved jumping off the side of the pool (with me catching him) and treading to the steps by himself! I was impressed since we haven't yet had any swim lessons. I guess he's a little fish! :)
Price was very well behaved and we had a fabulous vacation together. Josh's parents, sister & brother-in-law and our neice, Taylor joined us for a few days as well. Price and Taylor kept each other occupied so it made for a wonderful, relaxing vacation. It was the last vacation before Owen arrives! :)
Enjoy a these pics of the beach. There are many because I couldn't just choose a few!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friends are a Blessing

Thursday night my three friends, Kelly, Emilie and Betsy, asked if we could get together to celebrate Betsy and Emilie finishing another year of teaching. Of course I gladly accepted as I hate to cook dinner anyway and alway look for an excuse for some girl time!!
Little did I know, they had something up their sleeve's....
I had told everyone I didn't want any baby showers because I feel like I had such an abundance for Price that there was nothing more I could possibly need for Owen.
Well, They were having none of that. When I arrived at California Dreaming I found balloons along with my very special Sunday School friends all gathered together to surprise me with a Dinner & Diapers shower. How blessed I am to have these WONDERFUL ladies in my life. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I walked up to the table and saw them. I couldn't help but cry a few tears....They are so dear to me and I hope each of you know what a blessing you are to my life!!
Since it was a surprise, I did not have my camera but luckily Bets did so I will post the pictures as soon as I get them! :) THANKS TO EVERYONE!!

Owen's Birthday!!

I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning and we scheduled my induction for Friday, July 11th!
That is a little over 4 weeks away. I am anxious to meet him but the reality is setting in and I couldn't help but get teary eyed when thinking of Price not being an only child anymore.
While decorating Owen's room, I took some books and some blankets from Price's room and then felt guilty and put them back. After all, they are Price's right....

I don't know why I worry. Price is going to love Owen as much as I do. He will love being a big brother and to have someone to do "boy" things with!

I can't wait for everyone to meet him....Hopefully the induction will go well.
Keep us in your prayers as the time grows closer. Don't worry......I'll remind you!! :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

So much to blog about...

Sorry I haven't been a good blogger lately. We have been busy trying to get things together for Owen's arrival. There have been so many things to blog about I hope I get them all in...

The weekend before last we had a shower for one of my good friends, Kelly. She is due 3 days after me and she is having a little girl who will be named Sara Grace. It was so much fun looking at all that pink! I hope Sara Grace and Owen are great friends!

Then Last weekend we went to our friend, Jacob's, 1st birthday party. They had a little pool that Price LOVED splashing in. He had such a great time. He liked
playing with the big boys!! He is not scared of anything!

This past week our playdate was at Terrie and Bella Grace's house. Price had a great time playing with all Bella Grace's toys. We are still working on sharing but he's slowly getting better.

And Saturday was my neice, Taylor's 2nd Birthday Party. The party was at Josh's mom's Cheerleading Gym. Price had a great time running around with all the children and he was worn out at the end of the day. I think Taylor had a fabulous Birthday Party!

I also met my mom's group out for dinner at Travinia's on Saturday evening. We had a great time getting together without the babes. Hopefully we'll do that on a regular basis!

We also went to the pool with Betsy, Mary Grace and Kelly today but I forgot my camera. Price isn't scared of the water at all and loves splashing everyone. We had a blast!! Next time I'll remember my camera...