Monday, March 21, 2011

Batter up!!

We had a day full of Baseball last Saturday!! It was Price's 1st Dixie Youth Baseball game and we went to his 2nd USC Baseball game!

Price did great at his game! They played 2 innings and he got a good hit in. I am proud at how hard he is trying. He doesn't have to BE the best but I do expect him to DO his best!

He is really into baseball right now and I love that he wants to be like his daddy!

Price and Owen also had a fabulous time at the USC game. We had great seats and they got to watch all the players warm up. Price even got his program signed by Adam Matthews.

P&O with the Championship Trophy

Getting an autograph

Prayer before the game! I love this picture.

O watching the game

Price watching the warm up


Price thowing out his superhero sign!

And P even got to meet Sir Big Spur!
A great day at the Ballpark, for sure!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Price has asked WHY for a lot of things. Normally I say "just because" if I don't know the answer......

But today was different...

Price has been having bad dreams lately.
He says he dreams of strangers taking him away.

I have told him that God is always with him. I have told him to pray about it and ask the Lord for comfort. I have told him that God will take away his Fears.

He knows every word to the Veggie Tales song "God is Bigger" (then the Boogie Man, he's bigger then Godzilla or the Monsters on TV. God is bigger then the Boogie Man and he's watching over you and me!..... just in case you weren't familiar.....)

But still.....he's scared!

Every night when he starts to get scared, we pray, ALWAYS asking God to take away Prices bad dreams and bring him comfort through the night.

But still......he has bad dreams.

When I told him to pray about it again, he said "God NEVER takes my bad dreams away so why should I pray?"

I stopped a moment and thought about it........ but I'm not sure how to answer his question. I'm not prepared. I'm unsure myself.

I, personally, have so many "Whys?" to ask the Lord.......a lot of unanswered prayers.

But it's all about faith! Right?

But I don't know how to teach a 4 year old about faith and trust. Especially when I struggle with my own sometimes.

But a very special friend taught me that my Faith in the Lord can't be circumstantial. That I must have the same FAITH thru the good and bad and TRUST that the Lord is in control and has a reason for the "Whys" of our life.

Struggling makes us stronger, and I know that the ups and downs of our life is all in His plan, so I will teach Price to trust that there is a reason for unanswered prayers. Maybe these dreams will make him stronger, braver, more careful around strangers....... I'm not sure. But I know there is a reason, and Trusting in the Lord will be my answer.