Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

We thank you, Jesus, for this day;
For the cross You overcame.
We meet to worship reverently
In Your holy name.
We pledge anew our loyalty,
Our gratitude and love;
We pledge our faith this Easter time
To the Father in heaven above.
We began our Easter Sunday at Church and then we met Gigi and Papaw at the zoo for lunch. It's become our Easter tradition. The lunch was fabulous and Price enjoyed getting to see the "aminals" after lunch. Hope everyone else had a fabulous Easter as well!

Our Fam!

Price's Sunday School Class

Price & Gigi watching the meerkats

Price LOVES the giraffe

Feeding the birds nectar

Papaw and Price watching the baby cubs

Owen & Price on our way out the door!!
Goodbye Zoo!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Easter Rabbit is coming!

We have been busy getting ready for the Easter this week. My mom bought the boys these cute matching outfits for Easter. I was having a problem finding what I want because it's hard to get Price & Owen matching outfits since I was trying to get Price something other then a jon-jon but my mom found these and I decided that Easter would be the last time he wore them!! ( I said that at Christmas, too...but I mean it this time!) Josh doesn't like Price in them but he sure liked that we didn't have to purchase it! :) Thanks Mom!!

My mom and I took the boys to see the "Easter Rabbit" (that's what Price calls him) and to get their Easter pictures taken yesterday. They were perfect except Price wouldn't let sit in the Easter Rabbit's lap w/o me! Owen did great though.....

When you ask Price what he wants from the Easter Bunny he says, "I want the Easter Rabbit to bring me an apple, I don't want no carrot!!" So cute! I guess he thinks that since the Easter Bunny always carries a carrot, that is what he brings when he visits! Hopefully the Easter Rabbit will have some apples when he comes to visit Sunday! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy 9 Months, Owen!!

Time flies when your having fun!!!
I can't believe that little Owen is already 9 months old. Seems like just yesterday I held that sweet little new born in my arms thinking how wonderfully blessed I am!

Right now he is pulling up on everything and he can stand for a pretty long while and is trying to cruise on the furniture. He says "dada" but hasn't quite mastered "mama" yet.....
He is still doing the army crawl to get around.....and, boy, does he get around. He's into everything but mostly likes to be where Price is so that means as long as I keep Price where he's suppose to be, Owen follows along.
Owen is on his 5th ear infection so yesterday we made an appointment to see and ENT and we will be getting tubes put in his ears soon. I am hoping this will help him sleep and feel better. He has had a hard time with all these ear infections and it's disrupting everyone's sleep. Poor thing.....

Only 3 more months till he's ONE!! Then he won't be a baby anymore.......

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Owen & his peeps!

I had nursery duty this past Sunday @ church, so I decided to sneak in Owen's classroom and get a picture with him and his Sunday School Buddies. Arn't they precious?

Sara Grace, Sam, Katie & Owen

And here's his bud, Anderson! Doesn't he have the most hair you've ever seen on a baby?