Monday, June 29, 2009

Owen's 1st Birthday!!

Owen's first birthday party was this past weekend. It turned out wonderfully! Thanks to all our family and friends who made it! And a special thanks to Cate at Little Bug Design who made his super cute birthday invitations. And also a big thanks to my Mother-in-Law for letting us have the party at her gym, SilverJax.
And, we can't forget Gigi for all her help (and the food)! Thanks, MOM!! YOUR the BEST!!

Everything turned out great! Next year he will have to share a birthday party with his brother so I hope he enjoyed his special day!! :)

His bday invitations (It has the wrong date but Cate redid them, I just don't have that attachment!)

His Birthday Cake! (Made by Vintage Bakery)

One fish! Two Fish! (okay, just one fish!)

Playing in the jumpy!

Waiting on his guests to arrive!

O with Mr. Zantastic!

He's not a big fan of cake!

Taylor and Price getting balloon animals

All O's little friends!
Owen will officially be 1 on July 5th! I can't believe it's already been a year! WOW!!
Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet baby boy!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beach Bums!!

Well, we had a pretty good week despite one minor issue: Josh encountered poison oak while working the week before we left. Apparently he is highly sensitive to it and he had to go to the doctors care on our second day and get a steriod injection and he is taking oral steriods as well. It still looks pretty nasty but better then it was. He was told to stay out of the sun for a few days. GREAT! Beach and no sun......Not a good combo! BUT THANKS TO GIGI, we got to go on the beach!! She came down for a few days and helped me with the boys! Price loves the beach. Owen.........not so much! He hated the sand, the ocean, the sea shells. He likes the pool much better.

The first night we were here, Stephanie & Brent came over to our place for dinner and brought Katerine and Garrett to play with Price. He always loves playing with them and wants to do everything they do, including jumping straight into the pool with no floaties. He sunk like a brick and I jumped in and pulled him up. His eyes were huge and it scared him, so hopefully he won't do that again.

Garrett, Katherine & Price

O on the beach!

P on the beach!

O&P Together!

O in Gigi's arms!

Price loved the water park!

And the Aquarium!

This is as good as it gets!

At Broadway

We also got to meet up with some close friends of ours while at the beach. Ty & Amanda and their little boy, Austin! We had such a great time catching up and can't wait to get to do it again!

Owen, Price & Austin

Amanda & Me

Austin & Price showing off their pig balloons!

At the beach that night!

And finally, Owen decided that the beach wasn't so bad on our last day!
As we left the beach on Friday, Price said: "Bye-Bye Beach! I'll miss you!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time for Vacay!!

This week has been busy, busy......getting ready for the beach, planning O's bday party and P's just a few weeks later!! (Silly me!! I should have done a double party! )
We leave for the beach on Saturday and packing for an entire week seems to be a lot of work. I know why we don't do this more often!!
This is the very first time that Josh and I are taking the boys on vacation by ourselves. We thought it would be nice since we don't really get that much "family time" alone. Josh works all the time and barely gets home before the boys go to bed. Then on the weekends I usually have errands that I want to run w/0 the kiddos so this will be a special week. (Although we do hope that Gigi & Papaw come visit us a few days....please? please?!?!)
Please pray for us this week, as the place we stay is usually crowded (it's a timeshare) and with my wild men.........who knows what could happen. I'm already starting to get a little stressed! Price is fearless when it comes to water and that worries me but hopefully he'll have his "listening" ears on the entire time and I won't have to worry so much.
I can't wait to see what Owen thinks of the beach. I'll post some pics next week!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pajama Party

I had the luxery of keeping MG on Saturday night for a bit and we had a pj party!! (She didn't actually spend the night, but we pretended!) They had fun eatting, reading books and watching a movie. I thought this picture was too cute!!

Before they got into their jammers, I gave them a bath. And then I remembered I had a cute picture of them when they were just little babes in the tub!!


My, how they've changed......