Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Everytime I hear the words "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" I always think of the Run DMC song, Christmas in Hollis, and I want to add a "Dum, Da da da da Dum Dum!" Anyone else? Or maybe its just me.....

Either way, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & Happy NY!

It was a WONDERFUL Christmas at the Jackson House! We began on Christmas Eve by going to Camden to visit with my dad's side of the family. The boys loved playing with their cousins on the farm.
Then to off to Leesville to the candle-light service with Gigi & Papaw and then Christmas Eve dinner.
 On Christmas Day we woke up early and got to see our Santa! The boys were excited but Price was disappointed that Santa didn't bring him the Pig & Dog he asked for. I explained that Santa can't take animals in his sleigh because they would freeze. He seemed to understand......

Then off to Church for Jesus' Birthday Service!

Gigi and Papaw came to our house for Christmas Lunch, along with my best friend Kellie.

Then off to Meme's and Grandpa's for more Christmas Festivities.

Right before bedtime, Owen decided to tackle a toy and busted his head on our coffee table, so we ended our Christmas day in the Richland Children's ER. Not exactly the way I wanted to end our Christmas but it still turned out to be one of the best Christmases we have ever had.
Nothing could take away our Christmas Cheer! :)

Then the end of our Christmas break was a bust. Price decided to start the week off by throwing up all over Chick-fil-A! Yes! Not sure when I will show my face back there again. Did I mention there was only a million people in there?
He then kept a nightly fever of at least 103 so we decided to stay in for a few days.

But he got better just in time for the New Years.
Price & Owen went to spend their NY's with Gigi & Papaw and Josh and I enjoyed our New Years with a few friends!
2011 was a hard year but it ended on a good note.
I have all expectations that 2012 will be a phenomenal year!

To ensure this happens, I have a few resolutions I hope to keep!

#1 - Enjoy my family MORE!!! Sometimes I don't enjoy the small moments, I just let them pass me by. The boys are growing up so fast and I want to enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT! I spend a lot of time with the boys but I want to make sure we get to do more of that as a family and that Josh gets to enjoy all these moments as well.
(And just a side note, I went to Miyo's on New Years Eve Eve and my fortune cookie had this to say; "This year your highest priority will be your family." Yes, fortune cookie, it will!)

#2 - I am blessed with wonderful friends. Friends from High School, College, Church and Mommy Friends! Thankfully, most of my friends keep in touch with me, but I am awful at keeping in touch with them. I'm not a phone caller. But I plan on taking the time to keep in touch with with all the people I care about. Everyone is busy and that is no longer an excuse.....

#3 Being a better organizer of my time AND money! Those should probably be 2 separate resolutions since they are each so important but for time sake..... My time is valuable and I want to make sure I don't waste any of it. AND spending time doing the things I should will hopefully lead to my saving more $$. No more impulse buys and I will be making and doing things myself instead of rushing out and just buying it. I will also limit my lunch and playdates if they involve money. Feel free to invite us to a pic-nic in the park though!

#4 AND LAST but NOT LEAST, Making time to read my bible each day. That is always a priority every year and I do okay but I can ALWAYS do BETTER! The Lord has blessed me so much and I thank him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! But sometimes I don't take the time to listen to what he says to me.

That's it folks! I'm sure there are a million other things that need to be a resolution but I am a work in progress and whatever I've missed, hopefully it will hit the list next year! Or maybe mid-year! Who knows....

I wish you all the luck in keeping your resolutions as well!