Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poor Price...

Price has been a sick little babe this week. Saturday night he started throwing up and kept right on thru Tuesday. We went to the doctor on Monday and found out that he was sick from taking an antibiotic for too long. His doctor put him on Augmiten for 20 days to try and clear up a sinus infection that wouldn't go away and it upset his stomach so bad that they had to give him Zofran to make him stop throwing up. It was not a fun week but today he finally was back up to par.

We didn't leave the house (except for the doctors visit) all week until today and I must say, it was quite nice. We are on the go a lot so to stay in my pj's for an entire day was relaxing. (However, the cleaning up of all the throw-up........well, not so much!)

I actually miss him not feeling good because all he wanted to do was cuddle up in my lap. I got to love on my big baby for almost 3 whole days and I loved it. Now that he is feeling better, his cars are way more important then loving on his mama!

My sick baby!

Today after Preschool showing off his fire fighter hat!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm no photographer...

But I wish I was!!
It's amazing that I can take a million pictures and not catch a single smile like I want it. There is a certain way Owen smiles that just makes my day but when I break the camera out he refuses to gimme that smile....
I spend a lot of time trying to embed that sweet smile in my mind so that I don't forget it as he grows.

Speaking of growing......I just found the sweetest book for mom's of boys. It's called "Let Me Hold You Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. It is a tear jearker, ladies.... a MUST READ!

Owen is growing so fast..... He is sleeping really well during the night and altogether a very easy baby. He still sleeps a lot during the day, too. Probably because I let him. Price loves his little brother and gives him kisses almost everytime I am feeding him. Owen just laughs when Price talks to him. It's just the sweetest thing.

My grandfather's birthday was a few weeks ago and I didn't write about it because there are some days I just feel I can't handle my emotions.....but on his birthday I was thinking about how I hope my children are like my grandfather and then I thought, well, I hope they are like Josh too. Then it dawned on me that they are almost one in the same!!

Both of them are very dependable.
Both are frugal with their money! (and by frugal I mean : would wear holes in their socks instead of spending $5 for a new pack! They both only like to buy things with cash and hate the idea of credit!! Also, both love to lecture me on my spending habits....Hmmmm......)
Both of them loved Baseball and played in college.
Both of them were brainiacs! (My grandfather graduated Magna Cum Laude at Clemson in Engineering and Josh graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Major in Physics and a Minor in Math (...yawn...) at FMU!)
Both of them were Engineers! (My grandfather was a Chemical Engineer and Josh got his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering.)
They both have great work ethics and their Family is their #1 priority.

However, My grandfather was a huge Clemson fan, and Josh is a Gamecock! My grandfather was also a hard-core Democrat who never missed an opportunity to put his 2 cents in! (I'm not sure he would be voting Democrat this year if he were alive...) Josh, a longtime Republican Party Cardholder who just registered to vote a few weeks ago and will vote in his first election on Nov 4th! (better late then never....)

My boys have big shoes to fill!!

One more thought....
My grandmother used to always tell me that seeing a bluebird was good luck.
Friday I was doing my bible reading and I read Philippians 1:3 - "I thank my God everytime I remember you." and then I looked out my kitchen window and whatda ya know.....2 bluebirds!!
I guess they were thinking of me too! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My friend, Cate, used to work for Blanchard Caterpillar and asked if Price and I would like to join her and her son, Brady, for a few VIP tractor rides. Of course, I knew Price would be thrilled, as his greatest joy is to point out every single tractor while driving down the road: "Twactor!! Twactor, Mama!!"

I told him about riding the tractors on Thursday and for the next 24 hours he reminded me that I had told him we would "wide twactors" about every 30 mins. When he woke up Friday morning he said the word "twactor" about 50 times before we pulled into the parking lot.

I was so excited to see his little face light up when we walked towards all of the big machinery.
He was running to get to get to the tractors, but once we got close, he became a little skeptical. We got him on the first tractor (a front loader, I believe), buckled him in and as it began moving he panic ed a little. Down he comes...........never to ride a CAT tractor for the rest of the day. Mr. Bob pulled out several tractors and we got to watch Brady enjoy riding them but not Price. As the tractor pulled off he said he would ride it next, but as it approached again he said "No wide twactor, Mama!" It's the first thing I've ever known him to be scared of. I can only assume it was the size of the tractors that intimidated him. They were rather large!

He still got an up close and personal look at all the big tractors and he really enjoyed that!

Thanks so much Cate & Brady for inviting us! We had a wonderful time!

Price on his first attempt at riding

Price sitting with Cate for some photo opps!

Brady beside one of the tractor tires!

Checkin things out!

When we were pulling out Price said, "Bye, Bye Twactors!"

Baby Brittain has arrived!!

Cori and Bobby welcomed Robert James Brittain IV ("Brit")to the world on Thursday, October 9th. Cori is Josh's cousin and we are so thankful to be able to share in welcoming their little blessing.

He is just precious and I know he will be helping my boys get into trouble soon enough!

Me & Baby Brit


The new Mom & cousin, Taylor

Monday, October 13, 2008

State Fair

We went to the Fair on opening day, which was NOT the best day to go! It was drizzling the entire time and I was scared to let Price ride any rides for fear of him slipping off the ride. But I think we had a good time anyway. We strolled thru the buildings and got to see all the animals. He loved the petting zoo and the tractors the most. He went with his grandpa, meme and cousin, Taylor today and they rode rides. Meme said he had a great time. Next year we'll plan better!

Country Adventures

Last Friday we went to Country Adventures with our Church. We left Owen with his Meme and took Price and our neice, Taylor. They enjoyed playing with Mary Grace and got to pet a few animals (those poor, poor animals...),go on a hay ride and pick out their very own pumpkin. Then we enjoyed a hot dog roast and made smores!

I hope it becomes one of our Fall Traditions! :)

Storytime Tantrums

The week before last we went to the Richland County Library for storytime and a craft. They read stories about buses and then then got to make their own bus to bring home. Price was great during storytime, did great on his school bus, but when it came time to leave.........well, let's just say it didn't go as smoothly..........

He climbed in the middle of the bookshelf,

pushed the alarm button on the elevator

and had a meltdown in the main lobby with everyone watching!!

And, did I mention that I had Owen with me and he was screaming??

I'm sure one day I'll laugh about this story.........but it won't be anytime soon!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Princess Price

Besty sent me this picture about a month ago from an earlier playdate and I just wanted to share. No, this is not what he will be for just means we need more guy friends!!
Mary Grace is his best bud but she seems to be influencing him a little too much!! :)
Let's just say that Josh was LESS than amused!!