Monday, September 12, 2011

New Beginnings

We have been a busy bunch since my last post.

First, Price started Kindergarden! He is at Meadow Glen Elementary and LOVING IT. His teacher, Mrs. Catone, is fabulous and he has learned so much since the beginning of school already. I was so sad to drop him off on his first day. It was an adjustment to have him gone all day long, but it was much harder for me then it was for him. He adjusted very well and enjoys going to school each day. I am so proud of my little man. I can't believe how grown up he is. Today I went and ate lunch with him at school and he was so excited. He loved showing me all his new friends and telling me all about the rules. He is too funny.

Next, we moved out of our house. We are currently staying with my in-laws until our house is ready. They are so sweet to let us stay here because I know we aren't an easy bunch to live with. There is never a dull moment.......Our builder said the latest we could move in would be mid-November but it looks like it could be ours a little earlier. I am so excited about our new house and ready to get in and settled ....but I am patiently waiting. :)

Then Owen started 3 year old Kindergarden. He has Mrs.Dunlap & Mrs. Boyd who were Prices teachers when he was this age so we already knew how awesome they were. He has lots of friends from church in his class and is loving it. He also started speech at Meadow Glen and he loves it there as well. He is excited when he gets to go to "Price's school"!

And Price started his 4th season of soccer and had his first game this past Sunday. His coach is the best he has had and he has already learned so much this season. I hope he continues to be enthusiastic about his sports! :)

If you were wearing this color, you wouldnt be smiling about it either.
(And really, this picture doesn't even do this color justice!:))

We have a lot going on around here, but we are excited about all of it.
Thanks to all who helped us during our move, and for those of you who prayed!
We are really blessed with the most terrific of friends and fam!