Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I was at Lexington First Baptist at 5am on Wednesday morning to register Price for 2 year old preschool. I was the 12th person in line but only the 3rd person for the 2 yr old program. The first person was there before 4am. WOW!! I can't believe how competitive it is in preschool. Well needless to say, that early morning wait in the freezing cold payed off. Price got in the 2 day a week program and he is with his best buds: Mary Grace, Jackson and Tradd. I think he'll love it there. Here are some pics from Fun Zone a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Price's Valentines

Last week Price was pretty sick. He had a sinus infection so bad that mucus was coming out of his tear ducts. (Have you ever heard of such?) I was horrified because I thought he had some sort of aweful eye infection but I was relieved to find out it was just a bad sinus infection. Anyway, he didn't get to go to preschool either day so he missed his very first Valentines Party at Preschool. For dinner I made his favorite, Spagetti, and his Ome gave him a "Critter Creation" which was a pink cupcake dog that looked like Sophie!! Since he refuses to let anyone else feed him, I let him do it all by himself. As you can see, it was quite a mess. Josh and I had a great Valentines Day too. All I wanted for Valentines was for Josh to take me to Charlotte and visit Suzanne & Dave, shop and eat at the Cheesecake Factory. We were suppose to go Saturday but we had to postpone it until later. Hopefully we will celebrate after all the weddings pass in March. It'll be a late Valentines but I bet we won't have to fight such a big crowd! :)I got Josh Guitar Hero for his Wii and he's been playing it almost every day since. I have to admit, it is fun and rather addicting!! I haven't seen him be so excited about a present in quite a while. :) He's like a kid in a candy store! He thought he was getting boxers and candy so he was quite surprised!! :) Anyway, I will be at Lexington Baptist Preschool at 4am in the morning trying to get Price a spot in their 2 year old program next year so wish me luck. It's ridiculous what you'll do for your child!! Really!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Baby Jackson's Name

His name will be:

Owen McLeod Jackson

My sister-in-law,Jessica, told me that people were going to call him OJ. I figured if Price could overcome Eugene then Owen can certainly overcome OJ!! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mom's Group Playdate

It was my turn to host lunch at my house for the playdate and I made chicken salad on crossants, potato soup and a starlight cake with buttercream frosting........ALL FROM SCRATCH!!
I was proud of myself since I usually would have gone to DiPratto's and acted like I made it! :)
We had a great time and Price is sound asleep from all the playing. Here are a few pics to share.

Angie's Baby Shower

This Sunday we threw Angie a baby shower for her little boy, Tyler, who will hopefully be here by the end of April. She got so many nice things. He'll definitly be the best dressed newborn in Flotown! Congrats Angie!! We can't wait to meet Baby Branton!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy 18 Month Bday Price!!

Sweet Price -
The past 18 months have been such a blessing. You are the light of my life. You are no longer a baby but instead a very busy toddler. You keep me and your daddy on our toes. You can do and say so many things now that it's hard to list them all. The biggest accomplishment is that you can sing your ABC's. You don't say every letter but you certainly have the jist of it. Every morning you wake me up by singing the Alphabet song or EIEIO in your crib. When I get you up and change your diaper you immediatly grab your diaper and say "Trash" and off to the trash can you go. Then you have to go over to the lamps and you say "Light" (or something close) and I have to turn on the lamps. Then you go to the windows and say "open" so I open all the blinds. Then you say "toons" and we cut on Micky Mouse Club. That is by far your favorite show. You love Micky Mouse and the Wiggles. You also like Elmo ("Melmo") on Sesame Street.
You love meal times. You always remember to say your blessing. As soon as we put food on the table you make your prayer hands and bow your head. When we are finished saying the blessing you say "Maymen". You are such a good eater. Bananas ("Nanas") are your favorite food. You also love grapes, peanut butter sandwiches, Spagetti, Green Beans, and Cheese dip (from San Joses). You can eat very well with a fork but not so good with a spoon. You always try to flip the spoon over before it makes it to your mouth. I think you are going to be left handed, which is great because Dr. Oz (on Oprah) said that lefties are usually smarter! :) Plus, Your daddy want's you to bat left handed so you already have an advantage.
You love to play with other children and you are doing so much better at sharing. It's so wonderful to watch you interact with other children. You are definitly an aggresive child but you have so much personality. You make silly faces and smile all of the time. You wave to everyone who passes us by, in a grocery store or restaurant, and say "Hewwo"!
My favorite part of the day with you is before bedtime. You love taking baths and usually get the entire bathroom soaking wet with all your splashing. You also love to stick your head underwater. You think it's so funny when you come up. Once we get done with bath, I fix you a sippy cup with milk and you bring me a book (or several books) and we read. Your favorites are "The Nose Book", "I knew you Could", "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", and "Hit the Ball Duck!". I have read most of them to you so many times I know them by heart. Once we are done reading you say "Toof", referring to your toothbrush, and we brush your teeth and then You brush your teeth. (You are very independant and like to do things yourself.) Then you give Daddy a "Night Night" Kiss and we go say our prayers. You again say "Maymen" and the very best part of my day is when you give me a BIG OL' KISS and say "Lub You"! I know you probably don't know what love means but I am sure you love me regardless! You are such a loving child and whenever you get put in time out or popped you ALWAYS have to hug my neck and sit in my lap afterwards. It's like you want to make sure I'm not upset anymore. It's so sweet.
You are such a special blessing in my life and I thank the Lord for you every single day. I love you more then any words could ever describe and I love being able to spend every day with you. Watching you grow up is my greatest joy.
With all my Love,