Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today Price sang in the preschool choir at church. I was worried he wouldn't sing (like last time) so I told him before church that if he sang pretty, he could have whatever he wanted for lunch!
His request: Donuts and French Fries! Lunch of Champions!! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Edventure & Bday Parties

I took Owen & Price to Edventure last Friday with some friends. It was Owen's first time going and he absolutly loved it. The Fire Truck was his favorite!!

Price & Brice on the Fire Truck

O driving the Fire Truck
(I had to pry him out of that seat!)

Driving the VW. The boy likes to drive!

A rare picture of P&O together! :)

Pushing their buggys (would that be buggies or buggys? Oh, who cares....)

Apparently O thought we needed some clothes detergent!

On Saturday we had birthday parties to attend. Owen's friend, Manning, turned 2! She had the Columbia Marionette Theater come and preform a puppet show. Owen loved it. I was amazed at how attentive he was. I didn't get great pictures at this party but here are a few of what I got.

The Bday Girl blowing out her candles!

Price's friend, McKenzie, and her sister, Madison, had a double birthday party with Sarah Dippity. If you've never been to a party with her, your missing out. She does face painting and a magic show and really knows how to keep the kids attention. Everyone at the party had a great time. I tried to get Price to get a baseball painted on his face but he insisted he wanted a a dragon he got! He cried during bath time when I had to wash it off. (Most of it was already smeared off by that point but I couldn't bear to tell him!)

Price & McKenzie

P's Dragon

Magic show with the bday girls
These are my favorite kind of weekends!! :)